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The HPP+ filter is capable of eliminating ultrafine particles (smaller than 0.1 micrometres, μm), allergens, pollen, mould, cigarette smoke, exhaust gasses and more. The filter is made of an embossed polypropylene film, a self-charging electrostatic material, wrapped in a cylindrical shape, and the European patented design allows the polypropylene to hold charged sides. The powerful HPP+ filter technology removes bad odour with activated carbon. The performance of this filter is even more improved with the ION generator.

How to change HPP+ Filter Cartridge:

  1. Remove the power connector from the AirPure Zayn.
  2. Remove the AirPure Zayn top section.
  3. Remove the existing HPP+ Filter cartridge from the bottom section and keep it in a sealed package for proper disposal.
  4. Clean the Prefilter gently with a vacuum cleaner or with a cloth.
  5. Reassemble the new HPP+ Filter cartridge in the bottom section.
  6. Attach the top section of the AirPure Zayn onto the bottom section; make sure the rib on the top and bottom sections are aligned and the machine is centred on the base. Then, set the power connector on.
  7. The ON/OFF button will be illuminated on STANDBY mode. Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the AirPure Zayn and it will switch to AUTO mode as its standard setting.
  8. The red LED in the AUTO/FILTER section will illuminate. Reset the filter’s timer by pressing Auto Mode for 3+ seconds, then the red light should be gone.

Key Benefits:

AirPure Zayn HPP+ Filter helps protect you by catching polar and non-polar harmful particles via electrostatic induction, thus purifying the air in your home. The air pollutants caught by the filter are as listed below, each accompanied with a description as to how its components are effectively screened out due to their charge.

  • Ultrafine dusts, Exhaust gas from cars, NOx, SOx -  The HPP+ filter can catch nano-sized as well as non-polar fine dust. As the latter passes through the HPP+ Filter module, it becomes polarized through static electricity.
  • VOCs (causing sick House/Car syndrome) - SOxHazardous particles from volatile compounds carrying a polar charge, such as formaldehyde, toluene, chemical residue from paint, glue and bonds, insulations, or car seats.
  • Virus, Mould, Allergen, Bacteria - Germs are living things and thus have a polar charge and H2O.
  • Tobacco smoke - The tobacco smoke in the house or office has approximately 60% polarity (30%”+“, 30%”-“, 40% non-polar, particle size 50nm-500nm).
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) - Based on tests conducted, the HPP+ Filter has an excellent capacity to screen out CO from automobile exhaust fumes, cooking stoves and human body excretion.
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